Patrons of Ensemble Liaison

Ensemble Liaison is incredibly grateful for the support offered by their founding patrons

Dr. Douglas and Susan Gin

who have helped made the Ensemble Liaison & Friends Series possible.

Ensemble Liaison would also like to acknowledge the help of their other friends and supporters:

Lin Bender, Peter Burch, Stephen Banham, Anna Carson, John Hopkins, Peter Marks, Edward Mouritz, Susan and Jeremy Oats, Brent Ottley, Peter and Barbara Kolliner, Robert Dixon


Making a donation

The Ensemble Liaison & Friends concert series would not be possible without the support of our generous donors. These funds contribute significantly to the many costs associated with production and promotion. For the 2018 season, Ensemble Liaison is pleased once again to be working with the Australian Cultural Fund to enable our supporters to make tax deductible donations.

To visit the donation page click the link below: